Short Sales

Are you selling your home as a Short Sale to prevent Foreclosure?  Don't go it alone.  We can help! 

The Importance of a Qualified Professional Title Agent’s Role in a Short Sale Transaction
Short Sale Transactions can be very complex and must be handled by a Qualified Professional Title Agent.

What Does it Cost You?
Nothing!  We will arrange for all of your closing costs to be charged to your Lender.

What is the  Title Agent’s  Involvement in a Short Sale Transaction?

Time is of the essence!  We must react to all tasks immediately in order to achieve a smooth and successful closing. 


Does the Title Agent Prepare any Documents?

Yes, the Title Agent will prepare the HUD-1 Settlement Statement and all appropriate Closing Documents.

Does the Title Agent Communicate with any of the Parties?

Yes.  We are the liaison who will communicate with all involved parties, yourself, your Lender, and Real Estate Agents.


Does the Title Agent  Negotiate the Short Sale Transaction with the Lender?

No, we efficiently facilitate the Transaction and bring all of the involved parties together during the entire process


Will my Lender send me a Letter if they Approve the Sale?

Yes, once approved, your Lender will give you an Approval Letter specifying the conditions, specifically the sale price, real estate commission, property tax, settlement fees, documentary sale tax, and their approved short payoff of your loan.


Are you the Seller or is the Lender the Seller in a Short Sale Transaction?

You are the Owner of Record, therefore you are the Seller.

How are all of the Closing Funds handled?

The Title Agent will prepare the HUD-1 Settlement Statement and all respective funds will be disbursed at closing.

Close with Confidence!

ü       Over 10 years of Dedicated Closing and Escrow experience!

ü       Exceptional and Courteous Customer Service!

ü       Attentive and Responsive!

ü       Fast and Reliable Service toward Smooth Closings!

ü       Convenient On-Staff Attorney!


We are Qualified Title Professionals who have developed Performance Standards that are unmatched in the Title Industry.  We are ready to close your transaction more effectively & more efficiently.  We stand committed to provide you outstanding Title & Escrow Services.





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